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Our services > Indoor Greenhouse Equipment

Artcan Agricultural Products


We develope a structure by using right technological equipments suitable to production proces.

We use these equipments for that:


  • Heat and Shadow Screen:

We cover top and sides of greenhouse with screen in order to control light, heat and energy-saving inside greenhouse.


  • Insect Net:

We use long life, 50 mesh insect net produced from HDPE in order to prevent plants from insect pest.


  • Ground Cover:

We cover ground of greenhouse with ground cover of 50 mesh, produced by HDPE, UV additive in order to prevent contact of plants with soil.


  • Circulation Fans:

In order to circulate air inside greenhouse and supply a homogeneous air we install circulation fans.


  • Gutter (plant beds)

We produce plants without soil. We use hanging gutter system with soilless production. Our growing medias are rockwool, perlit, cocopeat. Gutters are made from 60 cm width, 0,6 mm thickness sheet and they are hanged to greenhouse tursses, double side painted.