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" We are with you from the beginning of the project till the end of production "


During the investment process, determination of location which investment will be made in to investor, reporting advantages and disadvantages of current locations in financial and technical terms, investment and production consultancy within the provision of all necessary technical consultancy in production process.




Static calculation and calculation of infrastructure is made on the basis of the land. Following, making sensitive drawings on AutoCad, suitable construction is choosen for the greenhouse, construction and assembly works are completed within the specified period without any delay.




With our agronomists and agriculture engineers who are expert at their fields, at one hand, we produce the exclusive varieties that we choose as we think these will provide you with maximum benefit and undertake all the production process, at the other hand, within this process, we provide applied production education service, by this means we equip your technical team about production.





Artcan, serves high value added quality production patterns that producer can compete, provides all necessary support to create investor's own brand and generates both local and foreign marketing channels for the generated brand.




Artcan Agriculture is a group company building venlo type modern technological glass and plastic greenhouses to its investors with its modern, innovative practices and professional team, worldwide by using modern agricultural technologies.


Within this scope; within modern technological greenhouse investment processes, Artcan organizes and conducts the processes of project - feasibility preparation, completion of formal procedures and processes, supply of equipments, building and installation, organization of production activity, educaiton of technical team, packing of products and marketing of them.