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Yatırım Consultancy ve Taahhüt


As Artcan Agriculture, with professional perspective of our authority staff, we serve practical solutions for modern agriculture and high technology greenhouses from feasibility step to completion of investment.

 Determining investment area for investor, reporting advantages and disadvantages of those areas. Analysis of climate and meteorologic data for investment areas, inspection of economic and demographic structure of region, preparing reports for advantages and disadvantages by surveying market conditions.

Realize a determining role for investment decision according to these data.  Determining suitable technology for investment region, choosing suitable product variety for production and marketing conditions. 

Give consultany to investor at marketing point of produced products and set up the marketing department of business. 
Realize education of production technical team, advise for production with professional agricultural engineers.

Yatırım Consultancy ve Taahhüt


Artcan Agriculture with his team; professional, innovator, examining the future, obtain the basic principle of producing most accurate projects for his investors by using possibilities of modern technology.

Artcan Agriculture creates original solutions with his knowledge, skills, methods and experiments in this sector. Creates complicated solutions to investors from investment to production, from production to market.



Artcan Agriculture, keep up with the technology that the globalizing world needs , convertsits gained experience in the sector with its innovator and expert team into universal knowledge and apply, training the technical manpower equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the needs in the field, aimed to be a respected institution at international level.