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Artcan Proje ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri


Country          : The Russian Federation
Company        : Agrocompleks Voljskiy
Region            : Volgograd
Location         : Sredneahtubenskiy
Place               : Zvyozdnıy
Area                : 50 Ha


GREENHOUSE SPECIFICATIONS : Venlo Glass Greenhouse,Thermal Screen System, Ventilation, heating, boiler system with gas and liquid system and adapted for CO2, fog, irrigation system, automation system with electric, artificial lighting system, plant bed, ground cover, insect net system and inside transport vehicles are applied by Artcan. Agricultural production undertaken by Artcan at the end of this project.


Artcan Agriculture Company continues to realize big greenhouse projects in different parts of the world.

Artcan completed 13,1 ha. glass greenhouse project for tomato production at Volgograd in Russia. Total area of the project will be 50 ha. Production started at first step of the project. Artcan does not leave alone the investor at production stage and undertook the production by itself and do the growing with its expert advisors and technical team.